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8 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Event Venue For Your Special Occasion

8 things to keep in mind when choosing an event venue for your special occasion

Planning your event venue may become one of the hardest things in organizing an event.

Many things come into play when choosing an event venue. Is it convenient enough for my audience to attend? Will it present the theme and tone I want it to portray? Is it sufficient to cater for all the guests comfortably without straining? Can I afford it?

Answering these questions may take a while, may need research and may involve extensive consulting. However, if you consider the following ideas 11 ideas to help you choose the best event venue for your special occasion, you are headed for success.

  1. What is your budget?

This is perhaps one of the most important aspect of your event….how big or small is your budget? Can you afford an all-inclusive event venue or you have to down grade a bit?

It is a good idea to set the right budget for your event that will ensure all your guests have a wonderful time, a great environment and services.

Similarly, your budget should not be so over the top that your guests become so sparsely spaced in the conference room making the event look like it has been snubbed. In the budget, your primary considerations should be that it offers value for money in terms of a great service as well as enjoyment to your guests.

  1. Is the location convenient to all?

This is an obvious question but worth bringing it up because sometimes we get so involved in the event planning that we want really nice locations but parking is a headache….before guests finally make it to the venue they are already frustrated so just keep this in mind when choosing the right venue.

  1. Activities at the event venue

Is there any other extra thing the event venue offers apart from the excellent conference facilities? Most of the times, your guests will want that additional factor in a venue. These days is all about the wow factor.

  1. Audio-visual Facilities

If your event is going to be one full of presentations, then you need a venue which provides this equipment. It is also essential to conduct a pre-visit to the place to ensure that the equipment you will have to use is in an excellent working condition. Or make sure you bring your own.

Similarly, the size of the equipment will be of great significance especially if your audience will be large. Your guests should comfortably read whatever information is projected onto the screen.

  1. Food and catering

Does the event venue provides food or do you have to bring your own? Can they help you with selecting caterers? Are there restaurants near by to choose from?

  1. Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity

If you are going to entertain your guests thoroughly, you will need internet connectivity. This will not only be handy in providing for their internet usage but also in furthering discussion through hashtags in social media.

Many corporate entities communicate much of their deliberations through Twitter, from where constructive engagements are developed to help understand the ideals and goals of the institutions.

  1. Scheduling of events

Hotels have peak seasons and off-peak seasons. You could find 5-star event venues at regular prices through tactical scheduling of your events. Knowledge of the seasons in the hotel industry will help you secure venues that could otherwise cost you an arm for a memorable event.

  1. Accommodation staff

Organizing an event is headache enough. Being the person executing the plan again may present its fair share of challenges. For this reason, you may need the services of professional caterers who will be able to provide the necessary assistance to your guests for the entire length of the event.

It would be best if you looked for a venue which offers these services at affordable costs and efficiently to ensure all the facilities and services your guests may need are available at all times.

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  1. I’m glad that you mention how it’s important to consider what your guests will want in the venue based on the activities you have planned, such as excellent conference facilities, so you can impress them. Once you have an idea of what you’d like, it would probably be a good idea to go online so you can learn about the different private events venues in the area. This could help you narrow down the options so you can then visit your top choices to check the space and rooms yourself to figure out which one best fits the type of event you have as well as the guests who will be coming.

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