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Agenda For Inside Healing Day

Agenda for Inside Healing Day

More info so you all can read and learn more about our practitioners….

  • Ann Fonfa, Founder & President of The Annie Appleseed Project Org – – Ann will be speaking at the MindBodyExpo in Old Schoolhouse Square in Delray this SAT, March 234d from 9am to 4pm – her talk is at 2:30pm- try to make it if you can!
  • Don Bennett, Disease Avoidance Specialist and Director of will be joining us for an informative nutrition talk. Please read Don’s full bio here  and you can find all of Don’s book in this page including Avoiding Degenerative Disease, this 200+ page book explodes the common misconceptions about disease and health, and explains in easy to understand terms why degenerative disease is NOT inevitable, and how it can be avoided.
  • Jason Demchok is Lama Jason Demchok who will be speaking to us about herbs and guiding us through a breathing exercise. (check out Jason’s recent podcast interview here) –
  • Brittani Ziegler is an expert in oils and will be doing a talk on Oil Essentials.
  • Gabriela Perez of will be guiding us through balancing the chakras and how to do so at home as well. Gabriela will also help us understand each chakra and how to feel when they are out of balance.
  • Jelena Mancevic, – Jelena is a very sweet practitioner full of love and understanding. Learn more about her on her website. She will be guiding us thru a DNA activation and Theta Healing Intro Meditation. I have personally seen her for personal healing and I can attest that her methods are interesting but they do work!
  • Joy Freedom from will be our instructor for Intuitive Moment.  You’ll love this session for sure. It will be a beautiful surprise so I wont ruin it 😉
  • David Leclerc of Gongwaves – Find his meetup on here – David’s Gong Performance is truly healing in every possible way.  From his meetup page “As the Gongs are Artfully Played, David Creates Voices that Communicate on an Astral Level and Reach Deeply Within the Heart & Soul of Being. Like the Wind & the Waves of Nature, the Gongs Create a Pulsating Energized Atmosphere and Restores Balance where True Healing Evolves.”
  • Drum Performer will be Qiam Yobachi – you won’t want to miss this so come ready to end the night in great spirits!

I’ll keep updating as we go to make sure you have the most updated info before the 30th.

We’ll have a raffle for Don’s book 😉
We are super excited and cant wait for this amazing day to heal us all.

If you havent grab tickets for this event please do so before its too late –


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