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An Event Venue Space For Creative And Holistic Entrepreneurs

An Event Venue Space for Creative and Holistic Entrepreneurs

An Event Venue Space for Creative and Holistic Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur in the creative or holistic field and you’re looking for event venues in West Palm Beach, a new venue in Northwood Road may suit your purposes. This center for art, dance and wellness is a space where adults, teens, and kids all feel welcome.

Art, dance, and wellness studio 

At Juuuicy, there’s an art, dance and wellness studio which offers classes for adults and kids any day of the week. Some of the classes currently offered are Tai Chi, Tango, Salsa and painting classes. Interactive games, such as virtual reality, dance and floor games, keep children entertained while parents take classes.

Using the iDance station means that kids are getting valuable exercise without even realizing it because they’re having so much fun and competing with one another.

Flexible Event space

The founders of this venue had in mind a space where families could relax, exercise, and have fun together in a healthy environment. They also have a large space, consisting of two rooms and a patio which is ideal for hosting a special event.

This space is well suited for a seminar, art workshop, photoshoot, reception or creative class. Paint classes are held regularly at this venue, and if you want to arrange a creative event, a paint party where guests can paint with the instruction of a professional and sip a glass of wine is a great idea.

Perhaps you’re looking for a place to have a dance contest. This will be more than possible in this space where Latin dance evenings are also regularly held.

Holding any kind of seminar is possible in this space, with mics and speakers for voice amplification. If you want to host wellness education lectures (anything from nutrition lessons to self-development), this fits perfectly with the vision that initiated this project in the first place.

The venue has tables and chairs and WiFi, speakers and microphones are available. There are various additional services, such as a water and beverage service, which you can arrange for an extra fee. You can arrange to look around the venue and discuss options for the event you want to hold.

Organic juice bar coming soon 

Dance for the whole family

A juice bar is currently being constructed, and the vision is to create a balance between great taste and genuine health in the beverages on offer. Fresh, organic ingredients will be used and squeezed to order.

The nutrient-dense superfoods and fresh fruits won’t have the flavors masked by using frozen yogurt or sherbets. Fresh almond milk (handmade), coconut water or purified water will be used instead. You can look forward to green smoothies, juices, and bowls.

If you’re searching for creative event venues in West Palm Beach, Juuuicy may just have the healthy, relaxed, family vibe you need to host your next event.

**Are you looking for an affordable dance studio where you can host your regular classes? Email us to learn more about our low rates for art, dance and holistic instructors

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