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Birthday Parties For Kids

Birthday Parties for kids

Lets face it! Its hard to put together birthday parties for kids because kids these days want everything to be about technology and thats it. They either want to bounce or be technology geeked out so its hard for parents to know what to do for their kids birthday parties.

We have seen so many different birthdays from 1-year-old birthdays to 85 years old so we have a little experience of what has worked and what hasnt been sooo fun 😉 So here is a quick list of what we have seen:

#1 kids love to use their hands…from younger kids 3+ to teenagers and even adults they love the painting parties we host for birthday parties. Its so much fun to see little kids and even adults get excited for painting….keep in mind that these are kids and adults with ZERO painting experience.

#2 kids love to make slime. Don’t ask me why kids love it sooo much but its mesmerizing to see how much fun kids have when they also have a slime making party!

#3 lots of kids love to play games but they go crazy for the virtual reality rides/games. Actually this virtual reality machine at Juuuicy is the #1 attraction for birthday parties for both kids and adults.

#4 when kids get into any type of competition for anything whether its a game competing for a piece of candy or tiny gift they just go wild! Kids love the attention so a competition helps to entice them to play, jump, dance etc.

#5 kids birthday parties in the patio are very cool for them. Kids love being outdoors and these days they dont get a chance of doing that much….at home most kids play videogames or watch too much TV so while at Juuuicy we have noticed that kids love spending time in the patio. Older kids love to hangout in the patio and pretend they are teenagers already, they chill in the patio furniture, talk to each other, play outdoor table games like Connect4 and Checkers and they look so grown up its so cool to see them interacting and dancing / chilling like they are all grown ups.

#6 the sip and paint parties for kids (without alcohol – they actually sip on juice etc) is perfect for kids 10+ / teenagers and adults. We have done quite a few of these parties for kids and adults and the results are always amazing….kids that arent naturally artistic are surprised to see what they can do with a little guidance and adults go insane to see that after all they actually do have talent too!

#7 kids love dancing too! You can hire a dj or have really good music and make sure that your party is more than just having food….that kids get a good time dancing too!

there are so many ideas and things we can help you with so stop by for a tour and discuss your needs with us. Juuuicy is located at 540 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 – tel 561-508-4841 email

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