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Birthday Party Places In West Palm Beach

birthday party places in west palm beach

7 Unconventional Event Venues – Birthday Party Places in West Palm Beach FL…. Ideas for Your Next Event in Palm Beach, Florida

Many people are slowly moving away from the traditional conference halls, ballrooms and hotels, and embracing surprisingly unusual and unique venues for their events.

To brainstorm fresh ideas to the organization, you not only need to take your staff members to a new place but also ensure they are comfortable there. You may be having one of the best boardrooms around, but hey, the distractions of holding such meetings in the office will kick in.

Give them an interactive space away from the office, and see them overflowing with ideas that may take you to the next level.

  1. Roof-tops

Imagine an outdoor event venue as the cool breeze from the beach blows softly as you proceed with your party. That million-dollar view is a sure way to drive out the monotony out of your corporate events.

For an occasion like a wedding, this could be a dream-come-true for many, but it can’t be complete without the accompaniment of breath-taking photos! Ideal for birthdays too with a group of friends, this is one of the ways to stay on top of the world at an affordable cost. At least as long as the event lasts.

  1. Paint Party or Game Party Juuuicy

If it is that time of the year when you want to let off some steam from members of your staff, this is the place to go. With a long-standing experience organizing these parties, you can rest assured everything will go as planned.

You could get a full package with all supplies, an instructor and beverages to sip as you enjoy your time unwinding with colleagues doodling. Here is the place to put down on paper all the crazy ideas you have always harboured in your head. At Juuuicy you can do it all, plaster painting, painting on pre-drawn canvas or empty canvases and make your fun masterpiece, playing virtual reality games and table top games – karaoke anyone? At Juuuicy each and every time you visit something is new – the lounge is family friendly and always updating / changing and making moves to keep customers happy.

  1. Art galleries or museums

As opposed to just walking past and taking pictures to share on your social media, museums are a place where you could organize that corporate event you have been planning to have before the end of the year. With a few add-ons like tables and rented furniture, you could get such a magnificent back-drop to get your staff talking.

This provides a charming ambiance where your guests could get to enjoy nature while still having the responsibility of taking notes and doing presentations. These galleries will not only wow your guests but also expand their imaginations.

  1. Using nightclubs during the day.

Now, nightclubs always depend on patrons who stream into the establishment after dusk, for the bulk of their revenue. However, renting these spaces during the day not only offers you great discounts but also accords you the very services you would ordinarily get at night.

You can get the whole stage set up for you in a few minutes complete with disco lights and a DJ mixing soothing music. On top of that, you could equally get professional catering services from the staff.

These spaces are ideal for your birthday parties, company get-together or just a friends’ meet-up.

  1. Airport Runways

Why can’t you go crazy with this venue which is a sure way to make a lasting impression to your guests? Given that people are no longer fascinated by only the food and people at the event, this is perhaps one of the best treats for your guests.

They expect to be surprised. Surprise them with this so-unexpected event venue that will leave them talking for a while. Most airstrips remain closed during the night, and so this is an ideal spot to carry out your event.

To make the event lively, you could outsource caterers and add some music to help your guests happy throughout. For additional creativity, your presenters should come dressed as pilots to accentuate the setting.

  1. Farmhouse

While these areas are known for their rustic nature, you could turn your farmhouse into an imaginative event venue to leave your guests with an unforgettable experience.

With only a few moving of furniture here and there, your wedding reception can be one-of-a-kind. The broad view of the country’s sunset into the lake is picturesque, and so are the blue hills on the horizon.

On top of that, your guests have enough room to shake a leg or wander off the event into the natural landscape and smell the aromatic flowers or watch the horses tease each other in the farms.

  1. Parking Lot

Now, this is one of the most inexpensive, yet creative ways to organize an event. One of its pros is that you could do it either in your organization or another place here in West Palm Beach, Florida.

One of the favourite spots, however, in West Palm Beach is Juuuicy with a friendly staff and fun games for your special event!

Your guests are looking for unique venues. They expect you to not only have a successful event but also make lasting memories.

With this increasing change in taste and the need for fun engagement at every occasion, we provide virtual reality games, tabletop games and more so your party can be super special.

Visit us today for a tour.

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