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Children’s Activities In West Palm Beach Florida

Children’s Activities in West Palm Beach Florida

Virtual Reality Games and an iDance Station: Children’s Activities in West Palm Beach Florida

Looking for a perfect place for family activities in West Palm beach Florida? Wondering what to do in West Palm Beach Florida? The spacious community room of 1500 square feet at 540 Northwood Road is a great spot for the entire family to hang out, not just adults. A great draw for the kids is the iDance station and Virtual Reality games. This gives them something special to do and can keep them entertained for hours.

Virtual reality games 

The kids can experience some excitement without having to go to Disney or go on a roller coaster to feel as though they are flying. While their parents are taking a class, they could be taking a ride in a virtual reality machine.

iDance Station

Your kids will love dancing at the dance station and competing for fun! Up to eight players can dance at a time. Kids don’t even realize that they are exercising while dancing at the iDance station because they are having so much fun. Parents won’t have to drag kids along when they want to attend a class or do some shopping – their kids will be eager to go too.

A healthy, clean environment 

This is far from a virtual reality arcade. Virtual reality is a whole new world, and with the new types of technology available, Juuuicy can provide a virtual reality experience for kids in a healthy, clean environment where the whole family can hang out together. Various members of the family can do what they enjoy here from shopping and taking classes to playing games and relaxing.

Weekly calendar

There are plenty of great things to do in West Palm Beach Florida, On Mondays, kids can enjoy virtual reality rides/games any time from 3pm to 8:30pm. The cost is $10 per kid for three rides. On Tuesdays Kid’s Day Out is from 3pm to 5pm at $20/kid. Kids can enjoy virtual reality games, the iDance station, checkers, hula hoop, table and floor games and more.

Wednesday nights are the same as Mondays for virtual reality games. On Thursdays is Meetup for teens. They can experience 2-3 virtual reality games and iDance from 5pm to 6pm for $15. Friday nights is Kid’s Night Out at $20/kid.

Saturdays is all about kids during the day. On Saturdays, your kids can enjoy various activities such as slime making, painting, iDance competitions, and magnet-tiles play.

Rental Space 

If you have a kid’s birthday party, a graduation or any other event coming up, the venue at 544 Northwood Road is available for rental. This space consists of over 1500 square feet and is adjacent to the community room with interactive games at 540 Northwood Road.

The bottom line

Thanks to its virtual reality rides/games and iDance station, Juuuicy is a venue which offers you great options for family activities in West Palm Beach Florida. At Juuuicy, both kids and adults can have great fun and spend time together in a healthy environment.

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