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Event Venue Space at The Juuuicy Building  * 538-540-544 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Tel: 561-508-4841 * [email protected]

Looking for party rental space in West Palm Beach?

You’ve got graduations, birthday parties, family reunions, baby shower, and more in your future. Luckily, Juuuicy is here for all your of life’s celebrations with a whole lot of fun, music, and a clean peaceful environment.

At 538-540-544 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 we have over 2500 indoor venue space as well as a 4000 sq ft patio available.

Event Venue Spaces Available for Rent at Juuuicy (Pricing per Hour Below):

Space Available

Price per Hour

Seating Capacity

Standing Capacity

Add’t Info

Meetup Event /Business Meetings/ Workshops Mondays thru Fridays 10am to 4pm

$50/HR (except holidays)

40 or less 40 or less Rate for before 10am or after 4pm Mon thru Thur is $85 – Reg event rate applies for Fridays after 4pm or for events with more than 40 participants*Except holidays

540 Interactive Games Lounge* Open Play Area

See Kids birthday parties packages here

open play area Pick from several options or create your own package Includes Interactive Virtual Reality Games/Rides, iDance, Tabletop Games

544 Main Room


Up to 80 100 Main Event Room for Dinners / Parties / Dance etc.

544 Patio


Depends on set up Perfect for outdoor events

540 Patio Only


Depends on set up Perfect for small events

Please call w/ addt questions

*540 Interactive Games Lounge – This is an open play area where depending on the hour you book the event it may be shared with other kids/parents. Check packages available here

The 540 Interactive Games Lounge can only be privately rented if the event is after regular lounge hours.

***Holiday Rates is 3X per hour of the reg rate of each space and The Hourly Rate after Midnight is $185/hr for 1 space, $270 for 2 spaces and $355 for all 3 spaces (plus tax)

*Non profit rates 20% off for profit rates shown below

7% Sales Tax is applicable to all fees

544-Main Room is perfect for meetings, lectures, presentations, ceremonies, birthday parties, workshops, baby showers, bridal shower, graduation parties and more.

540-Family Room / Interactive Games Lounge Open Play Area – includes a virtual reality station called the Xtrematic Machine which is a sports simulator with Oculus Rift glasses. The Xtrematic is designed for active people who love to drive, fly, parachute or simply want an intense experience with 18 games/rides. This package also includes a staff to manage the virtual reality station, it also includes the iDance station with over 250 songs to dance, compete and have a blast! And an iBeam floor game with 18 different interactive games for kids / adults to enjoy from soccer to volleyball.

Meetup Event / Networking Event / Business Meetings / Workshops / Seminars / and other social activities for 40 people and less (such as practicing for a sweet 16 / quinceanera dance for the actual event) during Mondays thru Fridays from 10am to 4pm – rates are $50/hour. If the hours needed are before 10am or after 5pm, the rate is $85 per hour for Mondays thru Thursdays only. Fridays after 4pm the rate is $135 per hour per space. Any business meetings with more than 40 people would incur regular event venue rates as described below. These weekdays rates are not valid during holidays

544-540 Patios – Perfect for all types of outdoor events from social nights, day parties, poetry sessions, and much more.

What’s Included in your event venue booking?

    • Up to 1-Hour free set up (decorating time)
    • WI-FI – its a big building and in some areas including patio the WIFI may not be available
    • Tables & Chairs for indoor use up to 80 people

In-House Usage Add-Ons

    • Projector for additional $20 per event
    • Linen fee is $135 for in-house linen or $20 per each for up to 8 tables (linen not to be used for food display or treats)
    • Trash bags $15 flat rate for the night
    • Selfie Station for your private event $199
  • A staff member to walk grounds for patio service (trash service and bathroom service during event) $35/HR plus additional $15 for trash bags for the night.

*There is a free selfie station in the facility for your guests. Guest may email or text the pictures to themselves or other friends & family. However, if the selfie station is booked for an event, you will not be able to access it unless you book it in advance and the selfie machine is available.

**Open Vendor Policy – You are welcome to bring your own catering/food and alcoholic drinks of your choice. We have a full restaurant and liquor / wine bar, therefore, selling of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

*7% sales tax applicable to all fees

Kids Birthday Packages do not longer require a deposit. The rates are $135 for 1 hr for up to 20 kids – additional kids $5 extra per hour. 

Celebrate kids and teens birthday parties at Juuuicy. We have kids special birthday packages for the entire family to have a blast!

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544 Community Room

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