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Family Vision-Board Party

Family Vision-Board Party

Jan 5th – Family VisionBoard & Selfie Party from 6pm to 9pm, We’ll be doing a photo booth crazy fun selfies with cool props, games and vision board party all for $45 per person – parents do need to pay to participate. Every person will take up to 5 selfies in the selfie photobooth – all 5 photos will be printed and you will create a vision board for parents and kids to put family-friendly goals around these pictures and work on top family goals from exercising together, having a real conversations, reading together, playing together and much more. The vision board will be one per person and once each member of the family has their photos printed, they will work on their vision boards. At the end, you compare kids and parents vision board and commit to a master family vision board for the family to post in a visible spot to be seen daily for daily inspiration of the 2019 goals. We’ll have a professional instructor and motivational / spiritual coach facilitating this fun family workshop. Ages 8+ – we need at least 6 attendees to confirm this party. If for any reason we do not have 6 attendees we will cancel and refund each person.

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