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How To Find And Secure The Best Banquet Hall For Your Event?

How to find and secure the best banquet hall for your event?

How to Find and Secure the Best Banquet Hall For Your Event?

Finding and securing the right banquet hall for your event can be challenging and stressful. The venue itself is probably one of the most important aspects that needs to be ideal or almost ideal for the occasion in order for your event to be truly memorable. We’ve heard so many good and bad stories about different event venues in West Palm Beach so we thought we should put together a list of the major things to consider that would help you when planning your next event.

Juuuicy Event Venue for Baby Showers

The type of banquet hall you use can make or break your event total experience. If you feel comfortable in the event venue, chances are your guests will feel comfortably too. So here is a list of things to look for when checking out different event venues in West Palm Beach.

For many finding and securing the best banquet hall is a bit intimidating. First you have to literally go from one event venue to another and another until you check out all the event venue spots you are considering. Second, the whole process feels like you as well as the event venue management are interviewing each other so that alone can be a bit stressful. Then you have to make sure you get all the right questions in before putting the deposit otherwise you could lose your hard-earn money. You would also need to make sure that you are honest and tell management exactly what you are doing and how because if you forget to tell them something important like the fact that you may be selling alcohol which can breach your agreement and therefore they would be keeping your deposit! And honestly, the list goes on.

Juuuicy Event Venue

As an event venue space we have heard horror stories that are seriously devastating to anyone putting together an event whether is to celebrate a birthday or holding a baby shower or putting together a business workshop. We have heard it all, “my booking was cancelled at the last time! My booking was cancelled and they won’t return my deposit yet, they charged me to have someone there doing nothing! They charged me astronomical fees for damages that didn’t occur, and the list goes on.

Have you had similar experiences and need to find a space that’s reasonable but yet beautiful and practical?

Here is a list of things to help you find and book the right event space for your next special occasion:

  • Obviously the first thing to do is a google search
  • Create a spreadsheet with the company names, address, telephones, websites, major pros and cons, price per hour or price per event
  • Include whether or not the setup / decorating time is included
  • How big is the space (square footage of the room /banquet hall for rent) – How many guests are you expecting at your event?
  • Is it open vendor policy so you can bring outside food and drinks
  • Check Eventup to get a list & photos of more venues near you
  • Think clearly about the decoration times and funds needed to decorate the space depending on what is your event theme. If the space is very old and needs more to make it look decent then you may go over budget because of extra monies needed to decorate.
  • Before you book the space, do a walk thru of the spaces, think of the event theme, of the number of guests, how long for decoration and how long for breakdown as that would cost money too.
  • Does your event requires music and if so does the event has speakers or do you need to bring your own?
  • Before putting the deposit make sure you understand all the rules & regulations of the facility including the noise ordinance per city requirements
  • Is there easily accessible parking at the facility or would your guests need to pay for parking.
  • How easy is the space to find for your guests?
  • Is the space too big or too small or perfect size?
  • Is the space clean and neat or was it dirty or had a funny smell?
  • Is the space functional? How many bathrooms does it have? Is there water access (is water access needed if not this is not a big deal?
  • What additional amenities does each venue offer or do not offer that you really need for your event? Can you hang decorations on the walls or ceilings? What’s the trash policy? Do you need any special insurance to hold your event at the facility?
  • What are the cancellations and rescheduling – what are the associates expenses with either cancelling or rescheduling?
  • Final note – ask if there are any costs for whoever has to stay at the building and stay during your event. Some spaces do not require a staff person to stay in the space during your events, others do so make sure to ask around.
  • Anything else that you think would be important and we missed here? Please comment here or email us so we can update the list for everyone!

I hope this list has helped you figure out how to secure the best banquet hall for you. Keep in mind that if you are really interested in a spot make sure to put your deposit before the end of the tour because spaces in West Palm Beach do tend to go fast. The deposit guarantees your booking.

The Juuuicy Building Banquet Hall for Birthday Parties

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  1. Hello Victoria, searching the right venue for an event is very stressful. Thanks for providing such great details on how to find & book the right event space.

  2. Hello Victoria, very nice blog! Thanks for sharing the list of things that are helpful for us to find the right venue for any event. Keep sharing such a nice blog.

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