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Gluten Free Restaurant In West Palm Beach

Gluten free restaurant in west palm beach

Our vegan restaurant in west palm beach is 100% gluten free, wheat- free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO so those with gluten allergies will be safe here. We work hard to ensure our kitchen is gluten-free so those with allergies feel safe while dining here whether it’s for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, juices, cocktails, etc.

A lot of people with gluten /wheat allergy have a hard time finding restaurants where there is no cross-contamination.

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There are differences between wheat and gluten allergies but in our restaurant, you are safe either way because we are seriously 100% gluten free, 100% soy free, 100% dairy free, 100% non-gmo.

Stop by today for brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, juices, smoothies….we are at 538 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach, FL 33407 -Tel 561-557-1124


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