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How Can You Support Us?

How Can you support us?

As we all know, Covid19 has been very hard on everyone especially the small family owned businesses such as our vegan restaurant here in Northwood Village.

We need our customers / community support – so how can you help us?

Please remember to share our social media platform posts with family and friend! Every little bit counts!

Also – if you want to order from us – try to do so from us directly when you want to pick up delivery

Uber, Grubhub and Doordash take anywhere from 20-30% from everything we sell and with our food cost being so high we are barely making enough to cover costs so if you can order pick up please order from us directly thru the link here – the % they take is minimal compared to the delivery platforms.

Our dining room is open for dine-in. Visit us anytime we are open to dine in as well.

Our current hours are Tuesdays thru Saturdays 11:30am to 7:30pm, Sundays 11:30am to 7pm and closed Mondays.


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