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Inside Healing Retreat

Inside Healing Retreat

First Full Day Juuuicy – Wellness Day on March 30th – 100% focused on “INSIDE HEALING”

Once you register you’ll receive an email with lots of info on what we would be doing in the different sessions, what is the agenda, times, etc:

What YOU will get out of this full-day retreat:

  • You’ll be learning how to use Essential Oils & Stone for different healing purposes (stress reliever, sleep issues, anxiety, focus/concentration and more)
  • How to properly meditate focusing on the Chakras and how to understand why balancing your chakras is key to a balanced and healthy body and mind. With healthy Chakras, we have unlimited potential and we will be learning to unlock that potential.
  • There will be a breathwork and dance session that will release longterm issues from childhood to now so you can release these illnesses, troubles and start new with a fresh healthy mind.
  • You’ll also learn how plant-based eating is vital to maintaining a clog-free mind that can think clearly and help you achieve higher levels of energy with clean plant-based foods
  • We’ll be serving you an organic plant-based meals including a smoothie or juice, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and teas. We’ll also have a glass of wine at the end of the evening during our closing ceremony.
  • We will also cleanse our energy in a cleaning energy circle with the entire group

This day is all about healing your mind so you can start and achieve most of the goals that you haven’t been able to achieve before. This day is truly about inside healing with a Holotropic Breathwork session that will change your perspective on many things so come prepared to vibrate at such high frequency that will inspire you to connect to Mother Earth and to YOURSELF.

This full-day retreat is perfect for those looking to make big changes but can’t figure out where to start. For those that want to connect with higher energies but can’t figure out how to do so on their own.

Any questions please email us at [email protected].

We are planning on capping this retreat to a certain amount of attendees so please book asap. This is a day that you will not want to miss.

March 30th will be a day to quiet your mind, expand your consciousness and allow yourself to experience deep healing and transformations. Follow us on facebook or instagram for more updates on this @JuuuicyBuilding

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