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Juuuicy Event Venue May Be Your Best Business Friend

Juuuicy Event Venue May Be Your Best Business Friend

Why Juuuicy Event Venue your best business friend?

Juuuicy is composed of 538-540 and 544 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach FL 33407

Juuuicy has many reasons to make me convinced that we are going to be the next business incubator in West Palm Beach, Florida. The center just started in April this year 2018, it has already helped many businesses achieve great milestones, and the bookings are flowing in all the time. The ultimate aim of Juuuicy is to become a hub for entrepreneurs of all kinds to use the center to host their events whether its on a daily or weekly or once per month basis.

What kind of businesses can benefit from Juuuicy?

Juuuicy can act as an incubator to almost all companies ranging from design, technology companies, IT professionals, catering companies, health and fitness companies and so much more. The services that Juuuicy offer are friendly to many business. The cost of registering is also very affordable for all types of businesses, even if your business is in its first stage of implementation and still struggling financially, Juuuicy’s registration package is extremely affordable. 

544 Main Room fits 100 depending on setup

Juuuicy’s Event Venue Benefits for Small Business and One Off Events?

Juuuicy has come up with memberships that meet the needs of entrepreneurs that would love to look professional and have a reliable space where they can hold monthly events. When you are looking for an elegant place to display your art for an art exhibition, or you are looking for a runway to showcase your fashion work then Juuuicy has all it takes to make such projects a success. It offers convenience for speakers, trainers, coaches, fitness professionals, dance instructors and all types of business owners to hold their regular events, classes, meetings, workshops, private meetings and any other gathering that will help you grow. All these services are offered under one roof of a building that was built on 12000 square feet in Northwood Village close to Downtown West Palm Beach.

  • Event venue space: 
    538 Northwood includes a juice bar and vegan cafe with conference room and lounge

Any business needs a convenient space to carry out their activities without getting interruptions. Such space should look professional. Juuuicy has rooms that can host around 12 people to over 100 in the Main Room or 300-400 in the patio.

  • Office equipment

Juuuicy is equipped with some of the necessary equipment that you may need when carrying out your activities like training or coaching. Seats, tables, audio devices such Bluetooth speakers, visual devices like projectors that you can rent for a low hourly rate.

  • Free social media posts on Juuuicy platforms
    From business workshops to bridal showers at Juuuicy you can have it all!

We’ll add your event to our social media events for free.

  • Business address

Potential customers will drift away from businesses that have no contact addresses. Whichever business you are running, being able to give your potential customers a physical address that they can send mails to you will help your business to gain trust and credibility. Juuuicy understands the importance of this aspect to any business and they know how hard it can be to get a physical address of your own so Juuuicy allows you to use their physical business address in West Palm Beach.

  • Daily conference rooms 
    Meditation classes, dance and fitness classes and more

The conference room and private dining room holds up to 14 people. Perfect for short or long meetings.

Juuuicy has an open vendor policy so you may bring food and drinks from outside without any additional fees. We highly recommend for you to stop by for a tour and discuss your needs with our staff.

So far at Juuuicy we work with a variety of small business owners from dance instructors, holistic instructors, Djs who host their social nights at Juuuicy and much more.

To give you some ideas of how we work with small business owners of all types:

Small Conference Room fits up to 14
  • The next event coming up is a wine tasting and art exhibition hosted by Von Archer, a fitness coach and wine maker
  • We have a photographer who regularly uses our spaces to do different photo shoots for her clients
  • The Midnight Social utilizes the space to host The Midnight Social Nights with outdoor games, performances, dj, and lots of fun networking and vendors
  • The monthly Sip and Flea is hosted by TMI Food Truck who collaborates with us to make that event successful and attract over 20+ vendors – in return they also get to sell their amazing food and the local community loves it!
  • Art Instructors have hosted Sip & Paint by renting the space they can get the room packed – sell enough to make a good profit etc.
  • The list goes on – here you can see how different entrepreneurs are able to use the space for different events so that they too can make money and have a successful event.

All the aforementioned products and services including the benefits like WI-FI, parking space in the city parking lot and on-street parking and some AV equipment make Juuuicy the perfect companion for your startup or already very successful business.

Email us at or visit us at 540 Northwood Rd. West Palm Beach for a tour of the space and to learn more how we work with small businesses – check out the memberships here


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