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Meeting Venue In West Palm Beach

Meeting Venue in West Palm Beach

Meeting Venue in West Palm Beach 

Many businesses today are looking for relaxed, flexible meeting spaces away from their corporate offices. If you’re looking for event venues, West Palm Beach has some that are suited to various types of business meetings.

At Juuuicy in Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, for instance, you will have access to a relaxed, affordable space where you can conduct brainstorming sessions, seminars, workshops and more.

You can arrange different packages at Juuuicy, and the space includes two large rooms and a patio. Tables and chairs, interactive games, speakers and mics, WiFi and restrooms are available.

A projector can be rented at a reasonable fee if necessary. There is plenty of parking, and you can access the building easily from the street. You can make arrangements for beverages and rent table linen if necessary.

Brainstorming has become more important than ever for businesses today. Inviting participation in the process of generating ideas engages employees at a higher level. Research has shown a correlation between more engagement and productivity, retention and customer satisfaction. Before you look outside of your organization for innovative ideas, why not try brainstorming sessions to tap into the creativity of your employees.

When your employees think of a typical business meeting, they tend to think of a stuffy conference room where they’ll be trapped for a few hours. This is not conducive to creative collaboration and effective brainstorming. Simply moving outside of your office environment to another venue can spur a new influx of ideas.

When a brainstorming meeting is held off-site, it sends the message that a different type of thinking will be required. Another big plus is that people aren’t subjected to the usual distractions they have when they’re in the office. They can devote their attention wholeheartedly to the issue at hand.

In relaxed surroundings away from the stress and the hustle and bustle, you may be surprised with the creativity of your team. While you may have a standard way of holding some other meetings, you need to approach brainstorming sessions differently. A more informal setting encourages participants to think outside of the box. Some of the best ideas often present themselves in a creative, inspirational space.

At Juuuicy, the vibe is fun, relaxed and inspirational. Even if some of the ideas people come up when attending a brainstorming session at Juuuicy are not fully formed, sharing them in an open environment means that other team members can build on them, and you end up with a collaborative outcome that wouldn’t be possible any other way.

If you’re wanting to arrange an inspirational, relaxed venue for brainstorming outside of your offices, why not pop along to Juuuicy in Northwood Road and find out what they have to offer.

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