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Meeting Venues in West Palm Beach

Top Meeting Venues in West Palm Beach

When you are head over heels chasing a major deadline of finding a meeting room, then you need a corporate event venue that can allow you to get to business with the support of technology that is on-point and perfect amenities that will help your team focus and relax at the same time, and have some fun. There are a number of such venues in West Palm Florida that will offer exactly that and so much more. The venues come in different sizes, different shapes, and a wide variety of customized features that facilitate brainstorming and collaboration that is very effective.

It can be a challenge finding such venues that offer the best services that are so effective in all ways. For this reason, I have taken my sweet time to compile a list of top corporate event venues in West Palm Beach.

  1. The Juuuicy Building

One of the top corporate event venues in West Palm Beach that will make your occasion quite memorable is at 544 Northwood West Palm Beach, FL 33407 an event venue at The Juuuicy Building.

Juuuicy was recently opened in the April of 2018 offering the locals an affordable option for a safe, fun, and elegant place perfect for business seminars, workshops, meetups, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation parties and more.

The building has a main room that sits up to 80 and standing capacity is 100+. There is also an interactive game room that includes the only virtual reality gaming station available for special events in all of South Florida. The interactive games also include an iDance station where up to 8 people can dance and compete at the same time as well as an interactive floor machine with 18 different games for kids to play and engage their imagination!

The 544 Main Room patio is also available for private parties and is truly beautiful with benches, flowers, trees, and a fountain. The location’s affordable services and dedicated staff have already attracted bookings that go up to the end of 2019.

A lot of holistic, creative entrepreneurs and Meetup organizers have fallen in love with Juuuicy given its location in artistic Northwood Village and its design and affordable pricing for such entrepreneurs.

Juuuicy has an open vendor policy so you can bring outside food and drinks at no additional cost. The price per hour includes tables and chairs at no additional costs.

Email Juuuicy’s management to learn more at [email protected]

  1. Spring Training Complex 

Another good space is the Fitteam Ballpark. Its exclusive audio and visual systems and the striking practice will ensure your events are one of a kind.

More information:

  • Capacity of 50-300 people
  • 2000 sq. ft. space
  • Batting game option
  • Covered outdoor space
  • In-house catering
  • Video board.
  1. Palm beach photographic center

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre can be your perfect companion for having a completely successful event with its great facility that has a convenient location. If you are about to have any meetings, networking, training or reception then this venue has you covered. Its clean lines and the museum’s open space gives a good visual scene. Its moveable walls enable for maximum capacity that is flexible with the event at hand. The audio and visual can be provided when you request for them.

  1. The Harriet Himmel Theater

The Harriet Himmel Theater is among the top corporate vent venues in West Palm Beach that offers nothing but the best space and service. The Harriet Himmel Theater is a cultural center piece that is located next to 80 shops, entertainment venues and restaurants. This 11 sq. ft. facility is a good venue for weddings, concerts, bar mitzvahs, receptions, exhibitions, banquets, seminars, meetings and fashion shows.

Stage your ideal event or meeting in this historical architecture that features amazing archways, hardwood floors and divided windows that can be customized to fit your preference and occasion.

The facility contains:

  • Dressing room
  • Indoor space for events and meetings
  • On-site accommodation
  • It is handicap accessible
  • Reception area
  • Covered outdoor space
  • Uncovered outdoor space

This facility can accommodate up to 200 people.

  1. The south Florida Science Center and aquarium

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium wonderful features, enough space and convenient location easily put it among the top corporate event venues in West Palm Beach. It has a meeting facility that occupies a space of 28,000 square foot that is equipped with an observatory and a full-dome planetarium that makes it suit all your events, both corporate meetings and whimsical bashes like birthday parties. The facility offers a very unique setting.

  1. Visit Palm beach-Hakuna Matata.

“Hakuna matata” is a Swahili name that means “no worries”. That is exactly when you need when you decide to take your meetings or your events somewhere where you feel relaxed. Hakuna Matata is the place, just as the name suggests, your team will kick back and relax as they spend their evening aboard the Hakuna Matata.

This sailing catamaran accommodates 43 passengers so it is good for events that need only a few people. It has a single level, a bear area and enough space to serve food while your team socializes. This Hakuna Matata is a great venue for team building events with the toys that are on board; kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis, parasailing etc. as your team bonds, they also enjoy the water. The lovely sights and the relaxing palm beaches atmosphere are worth speaking about now and then reminding your team of the bonding that is very healthy for any team.

  1. The South Florida fair Expo Center

Located in the heart of Palm Beach County, the South Florida fair Expo Center gives you an easy access no matter which side of South Florida you are coming from.

The facility is big enough so it can handle very large events but at the same time it is small enough to give an outstanding service. Its East and West expo halls of this expo center occupy a space of 84,750 sq. ft. of space that is usable. This means that it is enough for 450 ten-by-ten exhibit booths, a large automotive show, and it can host a number of other events that looks to attract a large number of people.

This doesn’t mean that smaller events are locked out. There are Concourse Buildings that suit smaller events. These Buildings’ spaces range from 3,625 sq. ft. to 11,490 sq. ft. this buildings can be customized to meet your needs.

The center also has a free parking that accommodate more than 60000 vehicles.

  1. Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society

The Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society makes a good location for corporate teams to escape the ordinary that can be too boring and tiresome. The zoo has a number of animals that are mostly from the tropical countries but can still find Florida’s climate homely. The views of various animals is great for a team. The restaurant and the catering facilities offer state-of-the-art services with delicious meals. Their professional staff understand how hard it can get when planning for an event so they are ready to offer their assistance with your planning.

Well, that is the list, I hope you’ll visit them soon and see for yourself the features these venues have to offer, so you can compare for yourself the look as well their services.

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