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Planning The Best Sweet 16 Party In West Palm Beach

Planning The Best Sweet 16 Party in West Palm Beach

Are you planning a Sweet 16 Party in West Palm Beach or South Florida? This blog may help you figure out some things to consider to ensure you have an awesome Sweet 16 to remember for the rest of your life!

We all know that we have to do invitations, hire a caterer or make food, think of the drink menu and who’s going to do it, snacks, decorations, location and so much more so here we will address little things that we have noticed when having a Sweet 16 (or any other party for that matter) so this is coming from us at Juuuicy to help you avoid the same mistakes we’ve noticed others make when planning and executing a Sweet 16!

So here its:

  • Determine how much would you like to invest in your party/sweet 16 experience (remember the cake, decorations, food, drinks, event venue costs, goodie bags if appropriate, event planner if needed, DJ, bartender, activity costs, invitations (e-invites or paper), florist, etc. etc. etc.
  • Start planning early (3 months or so). The earlier the better but if you have a last minute awakening to plan a Sweet 16 make sure the first thing you do is check out our blog on 8 things to keep in mind when choosing an event venue here
  • Go in person and tour all facilities you are considering including the ones that are super cheap and the ones that you think may be super expensive because you may be a positive surprise. This also gives you an idea on what you can potentially do. Sometimes the event venue managers may give you ideas that you didnt have before and some of those ideas may save you money in the long run.
  • When you go for the meeting make sure to take photos and videos so you can keep track of the ones you’ve visited and the ones you like the most. This also makes it easier for you to share with others involved in the planning process the venue layout so you can start planning at home.
  • Consider who’s coming to the party? Young, kids, adults, seniors? Does the event venue has one or more rooms separately from the main party room for younger or older people to hangout? For example, at Juuuicy we have the patio, the main room, and the game room so we tend to see younger people hanging out in the patio or game room when the older individuals may be relaxing in the Main Room. Sometimes though is the opposite depending on the music volume! So these are very good insights to keep in mind when planning the room/s layout and activities. And if you book 1 or all 3 spaces then you also have to think how many people are coming to the party? Is there a speech? Do i want everyone together even if its just for a 5 mins speech or do i make a large dancing floor in the middle of the Main room and only have people sit in the patio? So many things to consider whether its a Juuuicy or any other venue.
  • Depending on how much decorating you planning to do if you do not hire an event planner make sure to have enough family and friends to help you decorate unless your event venue will assist you with doing so. We’ve seen people decorate for 3-4 hours and still start the party late with guests waiting outside because they havent finish decorating.
  • Depending on the event venue location they may or may not have a kitchen so if you have to have hot foods you may or may not need to have chafing dishes and burners.
  • Think of parking situation and whether its easy or difficult for all guests to find it, park and walk to the event venue or is there valet parking?
  • While at the event make sure to have a point of contact person whether its you or someone else helping you to communicate with event venue manager about anything you need, anything that needs to be added.
  • There is so much but time is limited so I’ll end by saying remember to enjoy the party, to breathe, to ensure the Sweet 16 person being celebrated actually has a great time b/c these are great memories to keep for the rest of your lives!

Email us at [email protected] if you would like to schedule a tour or have questions about our event venue facility.


The Juuuicy Team

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