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I curated a list of the ingredients I like to use the most for some recipes. The sunflower hache is one of the items i love cooking with so obviously that’s first on the list. I created this shop page so its easier for those reading our cooking book to find these ingredients on amazon. And while doing so I discovered that for every link there is a few cents they will pay out! Wohooo! So for every person that buys something by clicking the links here we get a couple of cents per order! So its a win-win for everyone!

I’ll add more products as I get closer to finishing the book but for now these are the top products I use for my recipes that may be hard to find or choose from so many products on amazon!

p.s. please know that I only order canned jackfruit from amazon if i cant find it in my local ethnic store (either asian or Jamaican markets are the best for canned jackfruit or fresh Jackfruit) – on amazon is super expensive but if i have to order on amazon – the one listed here is the one i recommend.


And you know i love my meditation pants so here is a link to my fav company on amazon!

And I am sure you all know I can’t live without sage and palo santo!

I love this company’s mission and the fact that they treat Palo Santo as sacred which it is so I love love them for that!

These products below I use them in very specific situations:

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