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Things To Do In West Palm Beach For Home Schoolers?

Things to do in west palm beach for home schoolers?

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing at all to do in West Palm Beach FL. My son and I look all the time for new things to do and its hard besides doing the same trampoline parks what else is there? Thats why we started our kids lounge where kids can do plaster painting any time we are open. There are games including virtual reality games, tabletop games, floor games and painting on pre-drawn canvases too.

We really work hard to give parents and kids option to play and have fun! 

We are open 7 days at week – most of the day time is meant to serve the home-schoolers. Parents can take a break from schooling during the day time and come out to get some play time together or let kids enjoy while they relax in the lounge area.

The virtual reality games are super fun, we also have an idance station where homeschoolers can dance and compete by themselves, with friends or parents to get some exercise. With just 20 mins its enough of an exercise to keep your kids healthy. We have an ibeam floor machine where they can play interactive soccer, hockey etc as well as a pool table for kids, air hockey, curling, checkers, jenga, connect 4 and more.

Current Lounge Hours:

Mondays thru Wednesdays 10am to 5pm
Thursdays 10am to 6pm
Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 8pm
Sundays 1pm to 7pm

Come any time we are open to get your creativity on! Walk-Ins welcome – NO appointments required.

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