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Things To Do In West Palm Beach

Things to do in west palm beach

Family Activities in West Palm Beach, Florida: A New, Must-Visit Spot in Northwood Road

Many people may have wondered what’s happening at 538, 540 and 544 Northwood Road. After all, this is not City Place, and the pace is a little slower and much more eclectic in Northwood Village. Why the need for three large buildings? The vision is for all this space is to provide a healthy, comfy place where residents and tourists alike can be inspired, eat healthy, have fun, relax, exercise, make friends while being kind to the universe and to themselves.

Top things to do in West Palm Beach Florida

Juice Bar and Vegan Café

The Juuuicy juice bar and a vegan café is under construction at 538 Northwood Road. The heartbeat of this endeavor is to focus on good health and incredible taste. Raw fruit and vegetables will be squeezed to order. The invigorating taste and silky texture of the nutrient-dense ingredients won’t be masked with frozen yogurt or sherbets.

You can expect fresh, raw organic juices, smoothies, bowls with organic granola and other innovative creations. All products are organic, including the almond milk made from fresh raw almonds.

The architectural drawings for the juice bar were drawn up straight after the building purchase, and construction is now quickly approaching completion.

Juuuicy’s Gift Shop

This is an art, dance and wellness studio which has already been open since March 2018 at 540 Northwood Road. It was launched by the Amador & Tejeda family. You will find art, dance and wellness classes taking place every day of the week.

With so many family activities in West Palm Beach, the gift shop is not-to-be-missed destination. The products in the gift market eliminate the hassle of finding the perfect gift.

You will find handcrafted products that encourage you to explore, discover and appreciate the world around you. The merchandise is selected from different countries as well as local South Florida artists. You will be helping to support sustainability for local artists of all types and enjoy a shopping experience with a difference.

Art, dance, and wellness classes 

This is the perfect answer to what to do in West Palm Beach. The spacious community room where the classes take place is 1500 square feet. Painting classes, workshops, and kids events are held in this room. Meditation, tai chi and salsa classes are also held here. In October we are revamping our dance schedule including Tai Chi in the patio. This room is also an event rental venue for the community where residents can rent the space for their special occasion from birthday parties, small business workshops, weddings, family reunions and more.

In the community room is also an ibeam floor projector for games and an iDance station that provide hours of fun for kids and adults. A virtual reality machine allows people to enjoy a variety of different experiences.

Future plans

Eventually, the juice bar and café at 538 Northwood road will connect to 540 and 544 Northwood Road making Juuuicy a 12,000 building with different food vendors, wellness related classes/workshops, outdoor patio, music, social nights and more!

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