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Things To Do West Palm Beach

Things to do West Palm Beach

So top things to do in West Palm Beach? Especially if you are out of town you may want to go over this quick list of unconventional things to do in west palm beach for adults, kids, families, date night, friends hang out ideas.

I’ll just list them quickly and try to link as many as I can:

#1 Manatee Lagoon near Juuuicy is a really nice place to stop by, grab a coffee and go enjoy the water searching for Manatees.

#2 Juuuicy is a vegan restaurant and juice bar with large selection of healthy teas, coffees, vegan desserts, gluten free meals, and more.  The Juuuicy Building. 

#3 Northwood Village – Juuuicy is in Northwood Village so once you stop by Juuuicy you can walk around the village and enjoy the different coffee shops, gift shops, galleries, studios, boho shops, or take a long walk or bike ride on Flagler Drive by the Intracoastal. Make sure to stop by Stone Button a vintage shop & Day by Day Shoppe a beautiful interesting cool vibe shop here in NV.  Cate & Co also in NV is a beautiful trendy gift shop and many many owners – check the full list here

#4 Go for an affordable Jetski ride with Sak Pase Rental – Jean the owner has the most affordable rides in all of South Florida.

#5 Go for a walk on Flagler Drive right by the Intracoastal and walk to the Palm Beach Island. You can rent a bicycle and peddle yourself to the beach right in one of the bike stations on Flagler, Downtown or Clematis – its a beautiful ride. Worth every step!

#6 Visit Clematis to enjoy the different restaurants and shops. Clematis is just 2 miles from Juuuicy.

#7 Visit Rivera Beach and the lovely island theme restaurants by the water. Two Drunken Goats is one of my fav restaurants at Riviera Beach! Live music on weekends most of the time, great vibe and awesome drinks!

#8 The Madel Public Library located right on Clematis Street –

#9 City Place is an obvious one in downtown West Palm Beach. Many shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theater, and more.

More to come in the future 😉 Hope you enjoy a few of the ideas here.

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