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Vegan Caribbean Dominican Cookbook

Vegan Caribbean Dominican Cookbook

After 6 months, we finally have the vegan Caribbean Dominican Cookbook – recipes we have used for our menu items as well as specials.

The link here for Amazon

I love to be as clear as possible so you know what you are getting before spending a dollar on it. I am not a writer and did this as a labor of love….its not professionally edited. Also there aren’t any pics…all the pics will be on the Youtube channel – here is the link for the youtube. We didn’t include pictures to avoid having to print in color which is significantly pricey so to keep the book price low we decided not to include pictures….all the pics again will be in the Youtube channel. We’ll be publishing content as time goes by so you can refer to pictures, videos.

Please support us in this adventure! We are hoping to have the cooking classes up and ready soon!

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