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Virtual Office And Event Venue Membership For The Creative Entrepreneur

Virtual office and event venue membership for the creative entrepreneur

Virtual Office and Event Venue Membership for The Creative Entrepreneur!

Juuuicy is working on creating a super duper membership program for business owners who need to run classes/meetings / events on a recurring basis whether that is a business networking evening, a yoga class first thing in the morning or salsa at 8pm – Juuuicy got your back!

Memberships will be limited so email us today to book your tour and discuss your needs with management.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level? Juuuicy’s Creative Membership may be the best thing that happens to you—the creative entrepreneur who’s ready to imagine and create events of all types at a very affordable cost.

Juuuicy’s Creative Membership is perfect for business owners of all types from yoga instructors to architect, lawyers, landscaping companies, cleaning business owners, dance instructors, all types of coaches, designers to do runway shows, networking / meetup organizers and more.


Juuuicy created these memberships to satisfy the needs of business owners that want to look professional and also need a dedicated space for monthly events whether it’s to showcase their art-work or business owners looking to make money from their private events. Juuuicy offers a convenient way for coaches, speakers, dance instructors, fitness experts and all kinds of entrepreneurs to hold repetitive events, meetings, classes, private sessions, workshops or any other educative gatherings under one roof! Our building is total of 12,000 square feet right on Northwood Village near Downtown West Palm Beach.

Tell us what do you want to see from a creative membership for business owners like you? comment below!

Memberships will be announced by Thursday so hurry and get your feedback in 😉


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