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What Do You Get For Free With Your Event Venue Booking?

What do you get for free with your event venue booking?

What do you get for free with your event venue booking in West Palm Beach?

When you are looking for a venue for your event, you may feel as though your search is never-ending. Where is that perfect venue in the right location with the right atmosphere and at the right price? Once you’ve ticked those boxes, you may be tempted to sign straight away on the dotted line, but you should ask some questions before you do this.

What’s included in the price?

This is one of the main questions you should ask. You need to clarify what services are included in room hire charges. You can’t just assume that certain equipment or services are included in the fee.

When looking for banquet halls in West Palm Beach, you will be amazed at the vast difference in price between hiring a fully-serviced venue and simply hiring a space. Many venues fall somewhere between these two extremes. Some venues appear more affordable than they really are until you start adding up all the extras that aren’t included in the price.

What are the WiFi capabilities and what does it cost?

Free WiFi is becoming an industry standard today, but it’s very important to inquire whether it is included as part of the main fee or whether it’s charged separately. Reliable connectivity is important for many events, especially business events.

Can I bring in outside suppliers?

Many venues require you to use their in-house caterers and don’t want you to bring in outside suppliers. If you’re limited to in-house caterers, it can push up your costs considerably unless they are prepared to accommodate you with limited choices. It’s often much cheaper to arrange catering yourself. You could even arrange for a local restaurant to supply your favorite food at a reasonable cost for your party.

What access can I get to the venue for set up?

Work out how long it’s likely to take to set up for your event and then find out whether the venue will charge for this time or not. An event venue becomes much more affordable when you are not charged for setting up or breaking down.

Juuuicy is one of the event spaces in Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, where you are given free time to set up and break down. This can make a big difference to the price if you’re hosting a large event.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation terms often vary greatly. The average charge for cancellations up to fifteen days in advance of the event can be as much as 82% of the hire fee. Make sure you understand what you will have to pay if you cancel your event.

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