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Why Is Juuuicy The Best Event Venue In West Palm Beach?

Why is Juuuicy the best event venue in west palm beach?

Top 5 reasons why Juuuicy’s Event Venue is the Best & Most Affordable Event Venue Spot in West Palm Beach:

  1. One of the Most affordable spaces in all of South Florida
  2. Open vendor policy – bring your own food and drinks
  3. Indoor events include tables and chairs for up to 80 people at NO extra cost!
  4. Free city parking lot on the corner of our building and Broadway
  5. 1 Hour FREE set up (this is a savings off the get go of $135!)

Click here to see the full pdf Why is JUUUICY the most affordable yet 5 star and read the full info about Juuuicy’s Event Venue and what we can do for you.





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